Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 9

My recipe organizing and typing has continued into today.  I've been feeling sort of hungry today, but I think I might have just made less lemonade today since I have been occupied with typing (plus I was running out of lemons).

No major updates on the cleanse front; my skin is breaking out a bit more, which sort of makes me think that I should continue for a few more days.  Of course it is hard to tell, since my feeling on this seems to change daily.  I got another bag of lemons today, so maybe I will just continue until they are gone.  Or I run out of maple syrup, whichever comes first.  Either way, it seems like the transition back into eating is so clean and gradual (if done properly) that it is almost like an extension of the cleanse.

Trying to get into bed a little earlier tonight.  It doesn't seem too likely at this point, but I'm going to end it here anyway :)

Until tomorrow....

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