Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We started O-o-octopus before we left, and finished it in Estonia about a month later. We had much more fun with this one, though it was still a bit hectic with the trip and holidays (and slightly disorganized with our supplies and so on). After the long break, it was a little tough getting back into the swing of things, but we're getting there.
The highlight of the octopus unit was definitely discovering the Indonesian Mimic Octopus! Wow!! I never learned about anything like this in school! Stumbling on amazing things like this and learning new things is such a  huge part of why I love homeschooling!

We made our own underwater scenes with "finger octopi":
Miss K's masterpiece
...and Miss H's...
Ze artists at work!
Singing the "Short Vowel Song"
When I told Miss K that we are moving on to our next letter and unit today, she exclaimed, "What!? But we just started o-o-octopus! Why was it so short?!" I was able to console her by explaining that the next unit is W-w-water, so technically, we could keep exploring octopuses. We're looking forward to water, though, especially with all this snow on the ground! We even started our new week with a physics lesson, otherwise known as... sledding! :)


We finished the D-d-dinosaur unit in November, and then got a little off track in December with preparations for our trip to Estonia. All in all, we weren't too inspired by the dinosaur unit, but Miss K did manage one nice stegosaurus drawing.