Friday, September 16, 2011


Breakfast: Blended Cantaloupe Juice

After a few days of eating cooked foods (and feeling somewhat miserable for it), I've decided to continue with the raw foods. I'm having such a hard time getting back into it, though, for some reason after having a few cooked meals. I'm surprised how hard I've struggled with it for the past 4 days, but today I think I am getting back on track.

At this point I'm picking and choosing from my favorite recipes from the 21 day cleanse and just trying to stay as raw as I can. A couple of people have told me that I am crazy for doing this sort of thing (cleansing/fasting/eating raw food) and "denying myself all pleasures"to perhaps live a few extra months or years. Why do it if it is such a struggle?

The simple answer to that is: "Because it makes me feel good!" I definitely don't think that I am denying myself all pleasures. If anything, I am giving myself a gift! After eating raw foods for three weeks, I felt amazing- light, energized, happy.

Lunch: Raw Apple Pie
The hardest part of eating raw has been having to prepare two meals. The kids aren't quite as eager to eat many of the raw meals (yet, muahahaha). Miss H leans more towards the raw foods and does share my green smoothies and seems to enjoy crunching on raw veggies more than sandwiches, but Miss K wants cheese and bread (and could probably live off of Vegenaise on bread).

Today I started the day off with a blended cantaloupe juice, snacked on a salad in the early afternoon (and a few bites of the kids' fried potatoes). For lunch I had some raw apple pie. I sort of skipped dinner since I had to go do a magic show. I wasn't too hungry when I got home, but ended up having some leftover salad after all. My stomach is definitely feeling better than it has the past few days.  I'm looking forward to watermelon juice in the morning!


  1. I can understand why you would stick with the raw foods. I've never done a raw food cleanse but I can't eat sugary foods for more than a day or two without feeling really sick. I asked a Dr about it when this started several years back and he said some people just can't tolerate sugar well. I still can't completely give it up, but I try not to each much of it and eat as healthy as possible because I feel so much better!

  2. I hear you Kai!! I am on and off too, but feel so much better on!! It is sampling all the cooked meals around here!! But I REALLY would like to keep at it. I will definitely keep a big salad a day, a green smoothie and much more fruit in my diet so that I am perhaps eating only 10% cooked on any given day. I got SO crazy, I had a small DQ dipped cone the other day!!! I SURE felt it after and the next morning as I was all stuffy! Once you are so clean, you feel the 'junk' much faster! And my face breaks out!