Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 21

Raw Macadamia-Mango Ambrosia

I hope this post comes out at least somewhat coherently; I'm exhausted from this weekend, but wanted to get something posted, since today was the last day of the 21 Day Raw Food Cleanse! I'm a little sad and a little excited. I hate to admit that I fell off the wagon right at the end, but I did. I packed a bunch of raw foods for our camping trip this weekend (including this raw butternut squash salad that I haven't made in ages), but I still ended up snacking on the vegan quesadillas I had made for the kids. I had a bowl of oatmeal this morning after my fruit salad, and I also had a cup of coffee; there's nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee early in the morning after a slightly chilly night in a tent. I feel like I didn't get much "real" exercise in yesterday, either, although I did hike up and down a bunch of stairs at Natural Bridge (once lugging a sleeping Miss H). (Pictures of the trip are to follow.)

I wasn't very scientific about my progress during the past three weeks, so I'm not sure how much change there has actually been. I feel good, and I enjoyed the cleanse. I think I have lost about 3 pounds, but I'm not sure how much has been converted to muscle. I probably could have taken more advantage of the journaling and reading assignments, but I think it could have been stressful to 'force' myself to complete everything. Overall,  I am satisfied with what I did do in and with the 21 day cleanse, and will probably do it again in the future. I am stoked to have the resources from the program and to be able to refer back to them when I want. I'd have to say that I would absolutely recommend this program to pretty much anyone interested in improving his or her health, or anyone wanting to explore a vegan/vegetarian/raw food diet.

So, here I am "before" (this was about 2 days into the cleanse):

And "after":

Not bad, eh? ;)

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