Thursday, September 1, 2011

Halfway~ Water Day

Today is the midpoint of the 21 day raw food cleanse; a water fast. I really like how my body is responding to this cleanse. I keep thinking back to the when I did the Master Cleanse, and I can safely say that I will never do that one again. It was an interesting experience in discipline, but 10 days of nothing but lemonade... blehh! All that lemon juice could not have been good for my teeth. The worst part was coming off of the cleanse, because I could NOT stop eating, and wasn't necessarily drawn to anything especially healthy.

In contrast, over the past week and a half on the raw food cleanse, I have felt so good! I've eaten my fill of really good food. I've exercised. I haven't felt hungry, nor have I had any cravings to speak of. I've been feeling really light and energized. Healthy. Strong. To be honest, there have been a couple recipes that I will not make again, but over all I have really enjoyed the meals. I feel much more balanced and grounded than I ever did on the Master Cleanse, and yet the cleansing action is totally comparable, if not greater than what I experienced with the lemonade cleanse.

I'm in heaven.... blended watermelon juice
Water only has been a little tough, but it's doable for just the one day. I am looking forward to tomorrow and starting other liquids again, like the blended watermelon juice that's been on the menu for several days. I'm such a watermelon junkie, and lately they have had really, really good watermelons at our Kroger. I can't believe I had never stuck a watermelon in a blender before; it is so delicious! Cantaloupe is also divine, and I'm eager to try the honeydew melon I bought today. Raw food makes me happy!!  Not having to clean my juicer also makes me happy! :D

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  1. That watermelon juice looks!

    So glad all is going well (and guess what just went on our grocery list?!)