Monday, November 7, 2011


I can't believe how quickly we are going through the units! We already into week 7. Miss K is excited to get another vowel as we start "Us (senses)" today! 
Our words to remember for the T-t-turtle unit were: "I don't quit; I persevere". We got to talk about this a lot when we were cleaning up the living room one day and it seemed to take forever. Afterward, we discussed Galatians 6:9 and how, because we persevered, we go to reap the harvest of enjoying a nice clean room. Someone on the My Father's World discussion group shared this Kids of Integrity website, which has character-building lessons for kids that feature Bible-based discussions plus crafts, games, and object lessons from science, nature. I pulled several stories from there to add to our discussion as well and will definitely be pulling more helps from there in the future! I love how much I am learning through all this, too!
Miss K working on her picture cards
Sea turtle craft
The finished turtles (before the dog ate them)
It seemed like we were running around a lot this past week! I had to take the car into town for some maintenance on Thursday, so we brought school with us to keep us busy while we waited. One of the guys working there asked us, "Are you sure you don't want  a ride to the mall or something?" I guess they offer a shuttle service for their clients...

Does it look like we need the mall for entertainment? :)

(Some of) the books we used this week:
Turtles & Snails by Jeunesse Gallimard
Where the Big Fish Are by Jonathan London (perseverance)
One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies


  1. Got your blog from the MFW-K yahoo site! We are just doing turtle this week and then we'll do Us next week so we're a week behind you! But I'm glad I get to see what you've done so far :) Isn't that Kids of Integrity site so great?? I can't believe it's all free! Glad you all are having fun - we are too thanks to MFW!

  2. Love those sea turtles, Kai! So cool...will have to try it out here.