Monday, November 7, 2011

Go Raw Cookie & Chip Review

I'm back on the Garden Diet this month, and I finally made it into Roanoke to pick up some groceries and supplies from our Natural Foods Co-op. I knew they had been doing some remodeling and rearranging (looking good, guys!), but it looks like they have also expanded their raw food selection. I noticed these organic raw cookies and crisps from Go Raw that I had not seen before, and had to try them. I've learned that, when it comes to eating raw foods, my weakest point is when I am hungry and don't feel like doing a lot of food prep; that's when I'm most likely to grab a piece of bread or some cookies or whatever prepared snack item I find in the pantry. These seemed like such a great healthy snack-y item to have on hand for those "emergencies". I was tempted by the Ginger Snaps and Carrot Cake flavors,  but finally settled on the Lemon Super Cookies and the Spirulina Super Chips.

Oh. My. Goodness. These crunchy tidbits are so simple, yet so tasty. Perfectly sweet. At a generous average of 20 pieces per serving (160 calories for those of you who care about that sort of thing), they are very satisfying! There are 3 servings in each 3 oz. bag. The online price is $5.49/bag (or 12 bags for $51.49), and I got them for  $4.79 at our co-op. I cannot wait to try the other flavors! Masala Chai, anyone?
This picture does not do these cookies justice ...

The main ingredients of the cookies include organic coconut, sesame seeds, and dates. All seeds are sprouted prior to being dehydrated to maximize nutrition and digestibility. Go Raw products are all organic, vegan, certified gluten free, nut free and kosher. They are low in sodium and rich in potassium, omega-3 and -6.
Freeland Foods is a family owned company based in California. The Go Raw line includes the Super Chips/ Super Cookies, granola bars, flax crackers, sprouted seeds, granola, and even chocolate bars. (I will note here that a few of their products do contain raw agave nectar and cacao, for those of you avoiding those ingredients.)

Watch this video to learn more about Freeland Foods and how they make their raw food products:

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This review was not endorsed in any way by Freeland Foods; I purchased the product with my own money and did not receive any compensation for my review. I wrote this review simply because I think the company and their products rock! 

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