Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God Made Seas, Dry Land, and Plants

Today was day 3 of MFWK. We are really enjoying the creation unit! I am so grateful to all the other families on the MFW forum, and for all the wonderful ideas I've gotten from there.

In other news, third time is a charm- an intact bulletin board arrived today! I gave up on trying to get it up for the creation unit, but it will be up in time for S-s-sun.

Creation book...

And for our corresponding snack we had cups of dirt...

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  1. Hi Kai, I'm Nikky! I found your blog by way of the MFW Blogroll. I'm loving what you're doing. My boys started this week as well and will be completing Day 4 today. I'll continue to follow your blog and show my boys what other kids are doing that they are doing also. Keep it up!