Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bummis Easy Fit Cloth Diaper Review

Miss H modeling her Easy Fit.
I figure I had better get in a couple cloth diaper reviews before we are totally finished with diapers here.
Well, after going through two babes in quite a few different kinds of cloth diapers, I've labeled myself as a prefold user with a weakness for fitteds. Which is to say that I love fitted diapers and pockets (I find AIO's too thick and long on the drying time, and not being able to separate the layers for washing kind of creeps me out), but because I am reluctant to wear out the elastic and stuff on all those pretty fitteds and pockets with all the washing and drying, I mostly use prefolds with a wool cover.

That said, I had the opportunity to try out a Bummis/Tots Bots Easy Fit cloth diaper recently. Tots Bots diapers are sustainably and ethically manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland. The Easy Fit it is a one size pocket diaper (snaps to fit 8 lbs. to 35 lbs.) that features an attached insert. The built in insert is definitely my favorite part of this diaper! One thing that I really hate doing, yet find myself doing way too much, is hunting for inserts. Because the liner pulls out of the pocket (and doesn't get lost- did I mention that already?), I know that the whole thing is getting really clean in the wash. Speaking of washing, I found that the underside of the insert got quite pilly after some washes, but this doesn't affect its performance whatsoever, and it's not visible (except for when it is drying on the line, maybe). The laundry tabs, on the other hand, have remained pill-free.

The Easy Fit is trim enough to fit under pants that my LO normally can't wear (nice!), and we haven't had any leaks. In my opinion, the only downside to the Easy Fit is the Velcro-type closure. I have never been able to keep a diaper with a velcro-type closure on either one of my kids, so as cute this one is, and as well as it fits, it really has not gotten a lot of use. (ETA: maybe just to prove me wrong, or maybe because she knew how stinkin' cute she was in it, she actually left it on after I took the pictures that day!)

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I received a sample of this product for reviewing purposes, but was not otherwise compensated for this review. All expressed opinions are my own.

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  1. Easyfits are the only Aplix dipe my little one won't take off either! I find the Aplix on it to be of much higher quality than others I've tried. Love these diapers!