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I left several more comments on the Facebook page asking about the order that I never received, and they were again deleted. As of February 19, 2014 Baroness has changed their page settings, so that people can no longer post to their page, respond to their posts, or send them messages.

Today I received a message from another customer who reported having the same experience:

Hi, I read your message on Baroness Facebook profile. I placed an order on 5th February. I have already received the email about the shipment of my order but I haven't received it. I'm very worried about that. I definitely think this firm is a fake. I have already written to them but no answers I noticed that lots of comments about orders are deleted by them. I hope not to have lost my money Just wanted you to know that you are not the everyone, I'm still waiting for my goods Kind regards, (name removed for privacy) from Italy

And another:

"My post got deleted as well and no one replys to emails. I spent $80 on a product I never received in November."

If you have placed an order from and have not received your order, please leave a comment below! Also, share your experience on the following review sites:

The customer service number for (the company Baroness uses to process payments) is +44 203 514 5562. They are also not very good about responding to emails, so I recommend calling them.

Please share your stories!  The more we post about this scam company, the more we can help other people avoid being ripped off! 

This is the Facebook profile of the owner? manager? of Baroness:

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