Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We started O-o-octopus before we left, and finished it in Estonia about a month later. We had much more fun with this one, though it was still a bit hectic with the trip and holidays (and slightly disorganized with our supplies and so on). After the long break, it was a little tough getting back into the swing of things, but we're getting there.
The highlight of the octopus unit was definitely discovering the Indonesian Mimic Octopus! Wow!! I never learned about anything like this in school! Stumbling on amazing things like this and learning new things is such a  huge part of why I love homeschooling!

We made our own underwater scenes with "finger octopi":
Miss K's masterpiece
...and Miss H's...
Ze artists at work!
Singing the "Short Vowel Song"
When I told Miss K that we are moving on to our next letter and unit today, she exclaimed, "What!? But we just started o-o-octopus! Why was it so short?!" I was able to console her by explaining that the next unit is W-w-water, so technically, we could keep exploring octopuses. We're looking forward to water, though, especially with all this snow on the ground! We even started our new week with a physics lesson, otherwise known as... sledding! :)


  1. i love those!!!! The girls did a great job!!

  2. The mimic octopus is amazing! Too bad there are so many regulations about what needs to be taught in school that teachers can't focus on making classes exciting and engaging.

    Dani @ ONNO Organic Clothing