Monday, October 17, 2011


Apple picking!
Taste test
We went to pick apples at a local orchard a couple of times. The first time was actually before the a-a-apple unit (and my camera died after snapping these two pictures). We went through those apples pretty quickly, and decided to go a second time a couple of days ago since we happened to be in the area again. The girls were not fond of all the fruit flies and the vinegary smell from decomposing apples, but they did enjoy sampling the apples from different trees. We made some apple fruit leather, but mostly have just snacked on them as is. Miss K is very interested in making baked apples, but that is still on our to-do list. 

Apple prints!
We pulled out the Funny Brushes for this one.
Fruits of the Spirit
Another apple tree craft
More Cuisenaire rod fun...
I didn't get many action shots this week since, as mentioned, I kept picking up my camera only to find that the batteries were dead. Not pictured: learning about fractions (cutting apples in halves & quarters), physics (do apples float? & bobbing for apples). It's interesting watching Miss K work with the Cuisenaire rods and see her make connections between the different sizes and colors.

Book list:

3 in 1: A Picture of God Joanne Marxhausen

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