Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing in Action & Update

Oh, my dear blog, how I have neglected and missed you! How did the winter pass without me updating here? Even though I have certainly had enough to blog about, it is so much easier to post a couple of sentences now and again on Facebook than to find the time to sit and compose my thoughts into an entire blog post. 

What was it I wrote the other day?  Something like: "How do I get my homework done, house clean, kids fed, kids played with, dogs played with, laundry washed, laundry folded and put away, etc etc etc"  Not to mention any extra things- dare I say it- just for me, like a good workout and/or a nice, relaxing bath.  Granted, I did post that on a Monday (the last day of my school week when all assignments are due) after a week of my sick, clingy kids preventing me from getting as much done as I would have liked.

That being said, four weeks into my Sketching for Communication class, I am so, so glad I didn't end up going into the interior design as I had originally intended.  Whereas I used to love to sketch and draw, I sort of look at it with dread now.  Especially these 'buildings in perspective' assignments that we're working on now.  I once did a whole series of chairs in perspective just for fun, but now... uh-uh. It's amazing how impending assignment deadlines inspire me to do anything but my homework... clean, bake cupcakes, and blog, and gosh, I even managed to get in a workout two days in a row!  I am so much more cheerful when I get enough exercise. 

More soon.  I promise.

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