Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Organized

While waiting for a book on Feng Shui that I ordered from PaperBackSwap recently, I have been trying to get rid of some clutter. It is amazing how quickly it builds up, filling every horizontal surface, oozing scraps of paper and little things that don't really have a place to go…

The worst part is that as I work on cleaning one area, other areas get worse. I am not sure exactly how this happens, and as much as I would like to suspect that my 3 year old has something to do with it, in truth, often she is better about putting things away than I am! More than once I have told her that we need to get going, and she tells me, "Ok, but FIRST I have to put these things away!" At the same time, as I sit here and write this blog, I can almost feel the mess growing behind me.

Yesterday I decided on a whim to tackle the basket of papers that sits by the phone. I originally intended it to hold business cards, but over the months, it had accumulated all sorts of other things and was overflowing with scraps of paper, postcards, photos, and even several seed packets. Noticing that the rest of the shelves were dusty and disorganized, I set the basket aside and pulled everything else off the shelves, too. I ended up recycling about 5 or 6 old phone books, discovered 3 brand new notebooks and some other stuff that belonged elsewhere, got everything dusted off and the entire little phone nook clean and organized. I stepped back to admire my work, and then turned around to find that the dining table had disappeared under piles of papers and STUFF. Argh.

I sorted through the basket and got a good start on transferring all the phone numbers and addresses from the basket into an Excel file (one good thing I have learned in school!) It feels good to get things organized! So why is it so difficult to keep things that way? It couldn't be that I'm a single mom to two young children and two dogs, who is going to school and building a business all at the same time, could it? All the more reason to be organized, right? Yeah… I am working on it. And now, on to today's adventure; finding the dining room table!

What are some things you do to keep yourself organized?


  1. I stand by the garbage when my mail comes and dump everything immediately that isn't important. Otherwise it clutters up my table.

    I am also crazy when it comes to organizing my spices in the cupboards, or anything else for that matter. I love any type of plastic container that helps keep me organized and I label them!

  2. your daughter cracks me up! I wish I was more organized by nature. Sadly i get the most "cleaned up" when i am furstated or angry.

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